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League Bowlers Wanted!

Fall Season Is Here!

The 2016-17 Fall bowling season is upon us! While school has already been in session for a couple weeks now, our fall leagues are starting now, and will be in full swing within the next week. If you haven’t signed up yet, there are a few leagues that still need some bowlers:

  • MONDAYS: 5 person teams (Mixed)
  • WEDNESDAYS: 1 Individual (Women, daytime), 3 individuals (Women, evening)
  • THURSDAYS: 5 person teams (Men), 5 person teams & Individuals (Women)
  • FRIDAYS: 5 person team (Men), 2 individuals (Men), 4 person teams (1x/month mixed)
  • SUNDAYS: 4 person team (Mixed, twice/month)

Visit our leagues page to SIGN UP now!

Also if you’re a fan of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, check out our new 10-week Walking Dead League, starting Sunday, October 23rd.  Click the image below for more info: