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Summer Challenge Sweeper

Summer Challenge Sweeper

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This will be a 10 week long handicap sweeper “league style” series on a different Kegel Challenge pattern each week.  It will consist of 3 games across 3 pairs and pay out the top 3 spots same day.  The handicap will be 85% of 210 with all averages re-rated to match sport shot equivalent.  After 6 games, we will use your new average based on how you have been bowling.

This challenge will take place on Sunday’s starting on May 28th and run through August 6th with practice at Noon.  There will be a one week break on July 16th for the Junior Gold Championships.

On August 13th, there will be a “Championship” day featuring a shot from one of the previous weeks.  The winner of each week will get an automatic free entry.  The next ten bowlers based on a scoring system of their prior finishes will be invited to participate as a paid entry.  The payout will be 1:4 with a $1,000 top prize.  You must have bowled 5 of the 10 weeks to qualify.

All events will also feature the following:
– Live web stream each day
– Stats on our website
– Brackets, jackpot, and eliminator Summer Challenge Sweeper Signup